Sure, we know you probably have questions, and we want to answer all of them.

When DO YOU meet for worship?

We meet several times throughout the week, but we gather for the express purpose of Worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30.

What can I expect when I come?

You can expect a friendly welcome from people who are excited to see you; a dynamic worship experience; and an inspiring word from our Senior Pastor Michael Hawkins. Come as you are and experience 39th Street for yourself.

What do I wear?

This is the most common question we get.  We like to say, make yourself comfortable.  You’ll find that we wear jeans, t-shirts, button up shirts, slacks and occasionally, you’ll see one of the ladies wear a dress.  While we like to dress up sometimes, most of the time we dress for comfort.

Do I have to give money if I come?

While we do take up an offering once each week during our Sunday morning service, we don’t want our visitors to feel like they have to participate.  We want you to come and experience God’s Love, Mercy and Grace.

Will I be asked to introduce myself in front of the church?

No!  We want you to come, feel welcome and know that you won’t be made to stand up in front of everyone and introduce yourself, or your family.  We have a connection card that someone might offer you, but that is just so that we have a way to reach out and say “thanks” for joining us.

Will I be offered Communion?

Yes!  While we take our time celebrating Holy Communion very serious, we open this time up to all Christ followers present. We take communion every week, following the example of the early church, because it provides us a reminder of the foundational teachings of our faith related to the death, resurrection, ascension, and promised heavenly hope of communing one future day with Jesus in Heaven. It is a distinction of our church that we take communion every week, but we do not believe that one must take communion every week – it is our choice. We choose to partake of the Lord’s Supper on a weekly basis to be constantly brought back to Christ the center of our faith, His atoning death, His future coming, and God’s grace.

Can I get baptized at this church?

We believe that baptism by immersion is declared in scripture as the God-ordained method for giving one’s heart to God, trusting Christ, and receiving God’s promises. We emphasize that God looks at the heart. So, while we affirm that scripture binds us to uphold this biblical teaching of baptism, we also acknowledge that God is sovereign and saves people as He sees fit. Baptism, as taught and practiced in scripture, is the normative method given to enable a person to give his or her heart to God and become a Christian. It is a requirement before one becomes a formal part of the local church family. We acknowledge that there are circumstances where God can save people by looking at the heart, apart from the normative mode of baptism. God is not bound to baptism, but we are.  We would be honored to assist you with planning your baptism.  Please reach out to one of our ministers, or sign up for one of our classes on baptism, to coordinate this special time.

What denomination is your church?

That question comes up a lot too!  We are an independent church that is established locally, following the tenants of the Restoration Movement Churches of Christ. We are governed by a group of Elders, nominated and elected by those who attend the church.  As a church, we support missions sponsored by a number of denominational ministries, as well as local missions that operate independently.

What missions and outreach opportunities do you offer?

39th Street is committed to serving our local as well as global community.  We partner with various organizations to meet the needs of all people. If you wish to serve in missions, please let Pastor Michael know and you will be given an opportunity to put your gifts to work.